About Marble

The marble used to create the Saarinen Pedestal Table and others that we offer undergoes a painstaking selection and finishing process as it’s readied to become part of a long-lasting classic.

Only top grades of marble are chosen from quarries. This select marble is first cut into large blocks, then slabs. After stone masters examine the veining and composition of these slabs and decide how they should be further shaped, they’re machined by CNC cutters with water-cooled diamond-coated blades to exact specifications. Finally, each one is worked by hand and coated with polyester sealant to give it a stain-resistant nonporous surface, available with choice of glossy polished or matte satin finish.

This lengthy process requires the expertise of highly skilled craftsmen to showcase the stone’s natural beauty. Please rest assured that your table’s markings aren’t imperfections but rather the very traits that make it a true one of a kind.


White marble with heavy grey veining.

Origin: Italy


Black marble with heavy white and grey veining

Origin: China


Off-white marble with dramatic light yellow veining

Origin: Italy


White marble with light grey veining

Origin: Italy


Pure white marble with very faint traces of grey

Origin: Italy

Nero Marquina

Deep black marble with fine white veining

Origin: Spain

Verdi Alpi

Dark green marble with heavy light green veining

Origin: Italy