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Jesús Gasca

Jesús Gasca

Spain (1930)
Headshot of designer.

Jesús Gasca is the founder and principal designer of Stua, a contemporary furniture company based in the resort town of San Sebastián, Spain. Stua prides itself on producing a limited range of furniture, with each piece exquisitely executed out of the finest materials. The style of the work can be characterized as Scandinavian with a Mediterranean touch. The company's mission is, "to improve the habitat in which we live, by refining our designs, and [using] recyclable components and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes." Stua, which Gasca founded in the early '80s, has allowed him to develop his own work as a furniture designer. Trained as an engineer, Gasca specializes in technically proficient design with attention to detail.

Gasca's recent designs include the Globus Chair, Milano Table, Sapporo Shelving System, Gas Chair, Zero table and the Deneb Collection. He has also collaborated with Josep Mora to create the classic Egoa chair that won the Innovate Design Melbourne prize in 1988. Gasca also received an Adi-Fad award for his Atlas aluminum containers.

Jesús Gasca

Globus Chair-Black Legs-Natural Veneer
$330.00USD $280.50USD
Globus Chair, Plastic with Powder-Coated Frame, Black
$249.00USD $211.65USD
Gas Armchair-Black Base-Vinyl
$649.00USD $551.65USD
Gas Side Chair-Black Base-Vinyl
$560.00USD $476.00USD
Globus Chair in Plastic with Stainless Frame
$299.00USD $254.15USD
Gas Armchair - Polypropylene
Gas Armchair - Leather
$649.00 - $799.00USD $551.65 - $679.15USD
Gas Side Chair, Polypropylene
Gas Side Chair - Leather
$560.00 - $699.00USD $476.00 - $594.15USD
Lau Console Table
$899.00USD $764.15USD
Lau Round Table
$1,599.00USD $1,359.15USD
Atlas Filing Cabinet with Lock
Atlas Wide 3 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Narrow 4 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Wide 2 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Narrow 3 Drawer Dresser
Atlas 3 Drawer Cabinet Deep w/ Lock
Atlas Narrow 2 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Wide 4 Drawer Dresser
Deneb Teak Table - 47X31
$75.00 - $2,790.00USD $63.75 - $2,371.50USD
Deneb Teak Bench - Small
$1,525.00 - $1,725.00USD $1,296.25 - $1,466.25USD
Deneb Teak Stool
Egoa Armchair
Egoa Armchair - Leather
Egoa Armchair - Wood
Nube Armchair in Leather
$2,420.00USD $2,057.00USD
Nube Armchair in Patterned Fabric
Nube Armchair in Solid-Colored Fabric
$1,995.00USD $1,695.75USD
Zero Table, 39"
$1,850.00 - $2,050.00USD $1,572.50 - $1,742.50USD
Zero Table - 23.5 in
$750.00 - $1,449.00USD $750.00 - $1,231.65USD
Zero Table - 44" - Laminate
$1,399.00 - $1,429.00USD $1,189.15 - $1,214.65USD
Deneb Laminate Table - 63x35
$1,514.00 - $1,980.00USD $1,286.90 - $1,683.00USD
Onda Barstool with Stainless Frame
$379.00 - $419.00USD $322.15 - $356.15USD
Globus Chair in Lacquered Wood with Chrome Frame
$350.00USD $297.50USD
Gas Task Armchair, Leather
$850.00 - $995.00USD $722.50 - $845.75USD
Laclasica Chair
$499.00USD $424.15USD
Sapporo Shelving w/Cable Management, One High
Onda Counter Stool with Stainless Frame
$349.00 - $399.00USD $296.65 - $339.15USD
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