Beautiful furniture from a beautiful place. Stua is based in the picturesque resort town of San Sebastián, located on the Bay of Biscay in the Basque Country on Spain’s northern coast, hugging the petite Bay of La Concha. In the mid-19th century, Queen Isabella II made San Sebastián fashionable, and it continues to be a summer retreat for Madrid’s smart set, who are drawn to its urban beaches, world-class dining, bustling nightlife, art nouveau architecture and glorious scenery. A trip to the top of Mount Igueldo, accessible by a 1912 funicular, rewards adventurous visitors with a breathtaking view of the city, surrounding hills and Bay of La Concha. It’s against this backdrop that Stua’s design and manufacturing headquarters are set in a sleek glass-wrapped building in an industrial neighborhood in Astigarraga, a suburb in what’s known as apple-cider country. Stua’s modern yet timeless designs have been embraced by locals, including the San Telmo Museum and the Basque Culinary Center, where Laclasica Chairs, Lau Tables and Zero Tables abound.