Horizontal Shoe Rack - Large
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Horizontal Shoe Rack
Designed by J-Me
The Horizontal Shoe Rack (2004) is a wall-mounted solution for organizing shoes. The simple design gives footwear the appearance of floating in air, and by taking shoes off the floor it simplifies the process of sweeping or vacuuming underneath. The design is the work of brothers Mark and Jamie, who together founded the London-based design studio J-Me. Both are graduates of Central St. Martins College where they studied product design. The brothers share a drive to take user interaction beyond the basic function of a product, but they are radically different in how they get there. Jamie is the thinker, and the source for a never-ending stream of new ideas. "Routine kills the mind," he says. Mark on the other hand, is the producer. For him, "turning thoughts into a physical reality is the most satisfying and self-fulfilling feeling." As a duo, they work quite well. Jamie comes up with the idea; Mark makes it happen. The Horizontal Shoe Rack is crafted of brushed stainless steel.
Horizontal Shoe Rack - Large #8976
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