Maillard Milk Steamer Jug
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Maillard Milk Steamer Jug
Made from durable stainless steel, the Maillard Milk Steamer Jug (2001) can be used to warm milk for coffee, or as a pitcher for juices and other beverages. The hollow, canted handle makes it safe and easy to serve hot beverages. The Milk Steamer Jug is part of the Maillard Coffee Service Collection, which asks that no one take a commonplace daily custom for granted. Whether the recipients are a houseful of guests or you and your newspaper, the Maillard Collection comprises everything needed for serving your preferred style of coffee. Combine the Jug with the Coffee Press, which keeps your coffee both insulated and visible, or the stovetop Espresso Machine. Maillard is a coordinated collection that retains a classic aesthetic without being retro. The primary material used is a steel alloy called Cromargan®. Neutral in flavor and resistant to food acid, Cromargan is hygienic, stainless and easily cleaned. Dishwasher safe.
Maillard Milk Steamer Jug #14028
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