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Manuscrit Rug Small
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Manuscrit Rug
Designed by Joaquim Ruiz Millet for Nani Marquina
In addition to being an architect and designer, Joaquim Ruiz Millet is also a writer, filmmaker and gallery director. His Manuscrit Rug (2003) is an expression of all of his passions, and features a romantic poem that he wrote in his native Catalan. Featuring the actual handwriting of the designer, the rug is an enlargement of a page in a novel Ruiz Millet is working on. The designer plays with the dual meaning in this piece. On one hand, the rug is visually engaging and functional, while at the same time, it encourages people to walk on his words; a fragment of a work of fiction about power relationships imbued with highly charged eroticism. When selecting people to contribute to her Black on White Collection, Nani Marquina was inspired by the idea that "there's always a reason to create, to laugh and to reawaken," and she invited the contributors to "express their own essence." Together with the nonprofit Care & Fair, Nani Marquina is fighting against illegal child labor in the manufacturing of carpets. The knot count is 4,320 knots/sq. ft. Made in India.

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