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Planterworx Thornton 16 Tapered Planter
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Planterworx Thornton Tapered Planters

Designed by Randy Rollner, Charles Constantine and Chris Williams
What began as a small manufacturing business 19 years ago has grown into an industry leader in landscape products. Planterworx was founded by Randy Rollner, who studied at Parsons before beginning his career in architectural metal in 1997. "It's all in the details," says Rollner, and the designers on his team are true artisans and craftsmen who bring the precise, balanced lines normally found in modern architecture to these metal Planters (2011). The Planterworx designers insist on using a high percentage of recycled content and recyclable materials. The powder-coated Charcoal planters are finished with an eco-friendly process that contains no V.O.Cs, and the overspray is 100% recoupable. The Corten Steel planters are made of the same material designed for bridges and skyscrapers, which has a reactive patina period of three to nine months depending on location and climate. This patina or rust acts as a protective barrier and does not compromise the structural integrity of the material. However, the carbon runoff will stain adjacent materials like stone and concrete. Limit staining by using your Planter in a garden or lawn area during the patina period. After the initial reactive period, Corten Steel will cure and self-seal with very little runoff. Equipped with drainage holes. The Corten Steel planters do not come pre-weathered. Made in U.S.A.
  • Available in two finishes, the Charcoal will stay as is, while the Corten Steel will patina over time.
  • Corten Steel has a reactive patina period of 3 to 9 months (depending on location and climate). During this time, your planter will produce a carbon runoff that will stain adjacent materials like stone and concrete.
  • If you do not want your Planter to patina, choose the powder-coated Charcoal finish.
DWR Exclusive
Planterworx Thornton 16 Tapered Planter #25695
swatch color Charcoal swatch color Steel
Planterworx Thornton 20 Tapered Planter #25697
swatch color Steel
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