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RS3 Foosball Table
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RS3 Foosball Table
Designed by Rafael Rodríguez for RS
After years spent making molds in his family workshop, Rafael Rodríguez thought, “Why not?” and decided to begin work on a foosball table to satisfy a creative urge. As he himself says, “Creativity is not something with its source in the mind; it’s a gut feeling.” That gut feeling led to the RS3 (2012), a stunning modern foosball table executed to near perfection. This high-quality table boasts precision-machined components for smooth playing action. Appropriate for use both indoors or out, it’s fashioned with the same attention to detail and materials as fine furniture. Surprisingly lightweight yet stable, it’s also easier to move than many unwieldy counterparts on the market today. RS3 is suitable for residential and commercial use, with durable and detailed aluminum figures and solid wood handles. Simple assembly required. Made in Spain.
RS3 Foosball Table #34534
swatch color White
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