Silk Sawtooth Pillow
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Silk Sawtooth Pillow
Designed by Curtis Fletcher and Emily Greenberg
Made in and fairly traded from India, our Silk Sawtooth Pillow (2012) is made with indigenous silk that is harvested, spun and woven by hand in the forests of Eastern and Central India. A special collaboration between silkworm gatherers and handloom weavers ensures that this silk is harvested in a responsible manner and that the silkworms are not harmed during harvesting. Tasar silk is one of the “wildest” silks in the world because the Tasar silkworm is raised in nature, and then allowed to live and feed on trees in the open. Wild silks also have naturally attractive colors, which reduces the need for dyes. To create this pillow, we’ve partnered with Curtis Fletcher and Emily Greenberg of Soup – a collaborative product-centric home furnishings company that uses ethically sourced, certified organic and sustainable materials wherever possible. They work hand in hand with artisans to create modern applications for traditional techniques. This pillow has a removable zippered enclosure for dry cleaning. The insert is filled with goose feathers and down. Made in India.
Silk Sawtooth Pillow #29795
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