Strata Runner
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Strata Runner

The hand-knotted Strata rugs (2009) are handmade from wool using a technique that was inspired by a method for tying Tibetan knots. To create the structure of each knot, a stainless steel rod is temporarily placed along the width of the rug. The yarn is then wrapped around the rod, knotted and then wrapped again, with the process continuing for the entire length of the rug. This results in a strong, thick and soft rug that’s a pleasure to walk on. Made in India.
  • Quarter-inch pile height won’t interfere with the opening and closing of most doors.
  • May shed and have slight inconsistencies in edging, traits that are consistent with handcraftsmanship.
  • Manufacturer is a member of Rugmark, the global nonprofit organization fighting to end child labor and improve educational opportunities for children in India, Pakistan and Nepal.
  • Available in two sizes or as a runner.
  • DWR exclusive.
Strata Runner #17550
swatch color Ivory
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