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Bølling Tray Table
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Bølling Tray Table
Designed by Hans Bølling
Danish designer Hans Bølling created the Bølling Tray Table (1963) at the request of a shop owner who asked for a folding solution that could be easily sent by mail. Bølling immediately had an idea for a table, and he built one in his workshop that night, working from the image he had in his head and never stopping to make a drawing. When asked what inspired the sleek H-shaped folding frame, Bølling replied, “There was a need for it.” With the reversible trays in place, this sturdy table can be used as a serving cart or side table next to a sofa or bed. When not in use, simply lift off the trays; no tools are required to fold or unfold the frame. Made in Denmark.
  • The two reversible trays on the Oak Table are: red/black and white/black.
  • The two reversible trays on the Walnut Table are: light grey/dark grey and white/black.
DWR Exclusive
Bølling Tray Table #32907
$695.00 - $895.00USD $590.75 - $760.75USD
swatch color Oak swatch color Walnut
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