The Films of Charles and Ray Eames Volumes 1-6
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The Films of Charles and Ray Eames Volumes 1-6
The legacy of Ray and Charles Eames extends far beyond their classic furniture pieces. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to design long before that was the norm, the Eameses created over 100 short films between 1950 and 1982. There is a temptation, because the Eames furniture is so well known, to see the Eames films, exhibitions and other work as subsidiary, when in fact they are intimately related. All of the Eameses' projects flow from the same design process, the same design philosophy, the same recognition of need. Ranging from 1-30 minutes in length, the films range from toy tops to the world of Franklin and Jefferson, from simple sea creatures to the explanation of advanced mathematical and scientific concepts. Toccata for Toy Trains and Powers of Ten are two brilliant examples of the Eameses' skill, creativity and far-reaching interests. The scores for both those films and some thirty others were written by their friend and collaborator, Elmer Bernstein. This DVD box set contains volumes 1-6 of the films by Charles and Ray Eames.
The Films of Charles and Ray Eames Volumes 1-6 #10699
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