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Yeh Console Table
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Yeh Console Table
Designed by Kenyon Yeh
Inspired by cheerleaders – that’s something we’ve never said before – the Yeh Console Table (2013) is the result of seeing a “human pyramid” that consisted of a row of seated cheerleaders who had teammates standing on their thighs. The twist was that there were no chairs (they should’ve called DWR). Rather, the seated cheerleaders pressed their backs against a wall to hold a stable sitting position. This gave designer Kenyon Yeh (rhymes with “see”) an idea for a table with two legs and a top that’s angled to rest against a wall. The result is a sleek solution that works as a hallway console, bedside table or small desk. Best of all, because Yeh doesn’t have to be wall-mounted, it gives you the flexibility to move it about. Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Made of powder-coated steel with a slightly textured surface. Made in China.
Yeh Console Table #39359
swatch color White
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