Fogia is an award-winning Swedish design company and furniture producer, collaborating with some of the most progressive contemporary designers working today. For thirty years it has created furniture and customized solutions for private homes, offices, restaurants and hotels for customers worldwide. Fogia remains loyal to its roots as one of Sweden’s upholstered furniture experts, but also pushes boundaries within the conventional design framework. It continues to innovate by developing with modern icons like Tiki and Bollo, pieces which iterate the shape and expression of traditional Nordic design.

Fogia’s reputation as makers of quality furniture developed quickly after its founding, receiving plenty of contract and public space commissions while also steadily building a network of retailers around Sweden. Its furniture is crafted by hand and from scratch in its factory in G’Dansk Poland where the company's craftspeople use the best mix of traditional and modern techniques, controlling production quality throughout the entire production chain.

One of the main aspects that defines Fogia is its approach to selecting and working with wood and timber. Fogia selects timber close to its factory, and always tries to source locally to minimize transport. Using its own natural materials and maintaining close relationships with its suppliers gives Fogia greater control of the production process and ensures it meets its own stringent environmental standards.