Dag Hjelle

NORWAY (1964)
In the 1940s, lineage rights in the small Norwegian village of Sykkylven changed the lives of several second-son farmers, including Dag Hjelle’s grandfather, Lars Karl Hjelle. Knowing that their older brothers would inherit their family farms, these resourceful young men started making furniture in barns and back rooms to perfect their craft and earn income. Lars wanted to provide more jobs for these talented designers, so in 1945, he founded his furniture company LK Hjelle. To the surprise of the second sons, and certainly of their older brothers, the high-quality, streamlined furniture they produced transformed the small community into the heart of Norway’s furniture manufacturing industry.

Dag Hjelle now runs the company his grandfather founded, drawing on his education in economics and marketing to keep the family business thriving. He’s also a brilliant designer, armed with precise skills he learned while growing up and working every summer in the factory. “Being part of this family business has taught me a lot about craftsmanship, materials and techniques,” he says.

In addition to Dag’s work, LK Hjelle produces furniture by Andreas Engesvik, Anderssen & Voll, Fredrik Kayser and others. The company continues to make its furniture in Sykkylven, a remote area located between deep fjords and soaring mountains. This beautiful place is where the Norwegian furniture revolution began.
Dag Hjelle
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