Pietro Arosio

ITALY (1946)

The phrase “made in Italy” has come to stand for unsurpassed quality, design excellence and continual technical innovation, and the work of Pietro Arosio has all three in spades. Born in Lissone, Italy, and educated at the Institute of Applied Arts in Monza (where the famous Triennale di Milano design and art museum began), Arosio started his independent studio in 1972 with designs for some of Italy’s leading interiors and furniture manufacturers.

As an industrial designer, Arosio has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of all kinds of mechanisms, giving him the ability to apply them to his work without sacrificing style and use. His meticulous attention to every detail derives from intensive research and development with the engineering departments of many leading manufacturing companies, although the final product is always uniquely Arosio’s own. Each piece transforms effortlessly to different configurations while beautifully satisfying a variety of functions and ergonomic comfort.

Arosio’s work has been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Modern Arts Museum in Munich.

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