Stefan Patte

GERMANY (1963)

“Nothing is nicer than open space.” –Stefan Patte

After training as a locksmith, German designer Stefan Patte set his inquisitive sights on product design, creating lamps and furniture at barely 20 years of age. After moving from Münster to Munich, he began exhibiting his work at the Munich Interior Design Fair, with many of his designs centered on hi-fi and TV storage. Patte’s first big success, the SOLITAER rack, comprising glass shelves set in a diamond ring-inspired bezel hold, was patented in 1992. A few years later, his focus had widened to include solar furniture, resulting in SolArt, co-created with partner Denise Slapansky. The SolArt series was included in the 1996 International Design Yearbook and, that same year, selected for an exhibition entitled “Consciously Simple,” which traveled around the world until 2005. Working with the theory that “furniture should not take space but create space,” Patte and his company have continued to develop high-quality, ingenious furniture and accessories with the likes of his Corner Me CD Rack, Patte Doormat and collection of mobile trolleys. His latest project returns to the diamond concept – adorning a collection of furniture with light-catching Swarovski crystals.

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We’re here! Via live video and text.

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