How to Organize Your Home with Storage Furniture

Organize Your Home with Room Storage

Moving into a new home or small apartment offers an opportunity to re-organize your life with smart storage solutions. Look at this as a clean slate to develop organization plans for your small space, your forgotten spaces, or home office. Consider storage benches or modular shelves that grow with you and your needs over time. By maximizing opportunities for clever storage, you can be sure that everything important your life gets its own place and your new home is clutter-free!

How to organize your living room

  • Storage furniture:
    We love versatile storage pieces like roomy credenzas for entertainment systems or benches that tuck in hidden places to store linens, towels, or blankets.
  • Storage basket:
    Our secret to a clutter-free living room, a storage basket is an easy way to round up everything from toys and cords to pillows and throws.
  • Coffee table tray:
    An essential to any coffee table, a coffee table tray keeps clutter organized and is a landing pad for drinks, snacks and coffee table books.

How to organize a small room

  • Bookshelf:
    When floor space is at a premium, opt for space-saving modular, wall-mounted shelves or vertical bookcases that maximize storage within a minimal footprint.
  • Wall hooks:
    Hang wall hooks in a small hallway or entryway to keep bags, scarves and jackets organized and easily accessible.
  • Space saving furniture:
    Nesting coffee tables can be nested together or arranged apart to save space.

How to organize a bedroom

  • Modular shelving:
    No need to let your clothes pile up in disarray. Think about what you reach for most often when you go to your closet and use that as a starting point to organize the best closet. Spruce up a walk-in closet with a modular shelving system with enough room to hang all your essentials.
  • Dresser:
    Don’t have a huge closet? No problem. A sleek, slim dresser is a smart storage solution where you can efficiently organize your drawers to store t-shirts and other clothing while using the space above to store books and other collections.