L.K. Hjelle Møbelfabrikk

Founded 1945 (Sykkylven, Norway)

In the 1940s, second-son farmers in the small Norwegian village of Sykkylven began building furniture in family barns to support themselves and create jobs within the community. One of those farmers was Lars Karl Hjelle, who founded L.K. Hjelle Møbelfabrikk in 1945. Today L.K. Hjelle is run by L.K.’s grandson, designer Dag Hjelle, who works with Norwegian and international designers while continuing to produce the company’s Scandinavian craftsman pieces in the family factory in Sykkylven.

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  • Designed by Dag Hjelle

    $2,495.00 - $3,295.00
  • Designed by Dag Hjelle

    $4,995.00 - $6,795.00
  • Designed by Fredrik A. Kayser, produced by Hjelle

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