Work From Home Tips

WFH roadmap: Normal has left the office.

Working from home? Schooling from home? So are we. And like you, we’re figuring this out as we go. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone. We’re here for you. Like everything happening in the world right now, this page will continue to evolve. In the meantime, here are a few things we’ve learned so far.

Smile, you’re on camera.

A green light goes on and your home is instantly on display for everyone on your video call. It’s weird, right? It’s also a good way to learn from – and about – each other, so we asked DWR staffers to share their working from home setups, and what they’ve learned so far.

DWR at home 01

Lauren, Art Director
My biggest challenge? #suddenlyhomeschooling When they're organized with projects, I can focus on my projects.

DWR at home 02

Nicole, Director of Ecommerce
I like to move between spaces throughout the day. When I don't have to be on a video call, I put my feet up in the Crosshatch Chair.

DWR at home 03

Stephanie, Graphic Designer
I work from home regularly but now my family is here, too. The key is being flexible about my work hours.

DWR at home 04

Hunter, Digital Strategist
You've got to have a sense of humor. I synched my studio microphone so my voice sounds like Morgan Freeman’s!

DWR at home 05

Chessia, Social Media Director
My strategy? Comfort! Cosm Chair, Music, Plants! Plants spruce up my video chat and keep me company 🙂

DWR at home 06

Nicole, Director of Ecommerce
Part 2: And here’s my desk. Who knew that my wallpaper would make such a great background when on Video Chat.

How do you make WFH work for you?

We asked Brian Alexander – designer of the Renew™ Sit-to-Stand Desk – to share his tips.

Brian Alexander at his Renew™ Sit-To-Stand Desk

Designate a work space.
“For many, home is the ‘off’ button of work. However minimal or grand, lay claim to a spot which you feel you can do your best minds work in."

“When you are in that spot, you are at work. When you leave that location, you are no longer at work.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of closing a door or throwing a sheet over your desk and suddenly being at home again.”

Establish a pattern.
“For many, the start of the day is more critical than the end.”

“Wake up at a consistent time. Make some coffee, walk around the block or get some air, come back and go to your work spot and proceed with your day.”

Stay connected.
“We’re inherently social creatures who aren’t consciously aware of the intricate nature and effectivity of working with other people directly."

When you start or end a conference call, share a little bit about yourself to stay connected with colleagues, wherever they are.

Exercise your mind.

Did you know you can stroll through museums from the comfort of your home? Here are a few of our favorites.

Home + Office + School = ?

Not sure how to make it all work? We’re here to help. Our design and space planning advice is available to you at no charge, and there’s no pressure to buy anything. Reach out via Live Video or Chat.

Look for the chat icon.
Weird times, helpful tips – (What we're learning while we work from home)
Rob Wilson illustration - work from home tips
1. Be kind to your hands.
Relax or fold your hands rather than keeping them poised above the keyboard when reading or thinking. Unclench your hands and your mind will follow.
2. Clickity clack. Please hold back.
Newer laptop keyboards seem to result in louder typing. But you can fix that! Simply lighten your touch, and ease your mind. Try it now. See, you can type quietly. Your fingers are happier. Your housemate is smiling.
3. Social distance from your screen.
It’s recommended that you keep 20"–24" (about the length of three pencils) between your eyes and monitor. That can be challenging on a laptop, so be sure to look up often and let your eyes focus on something in the distance.
4. Run in circles.
Remember walking down halls between meetings? Your body misses those steps. Add a 10-minute workout to your day by taking ten 60-second breaks to plank, do push-ups or just DANCE! If you’re home with kids, have them join you.