U.S.A. (1986)
For third generation woodworker – and founder of the studio Campagna – Cody Campanie, craftsmanship is part of his heritage. Growing up in a family of artists and creatives on a country road outside of Oneida, New York, Campanie was always surrounded by nature and people tinkering with things.

It was at Brown University where Campanie first grew interested in architecture and eventually furniture design. “I started to see the link between culture and the objects used by society. I was amazed that we could learn so much about past cultures through their built environment,” he recalls. “During lectures with professors such as Dietrich Neumann and Herve Vanel, I learned about modernism as a concept.”

Working out of his Portland-based studio, a minimalist spirit drives Campanie’s sustainable approach to building furniture that has staying power. “Striving for heirloom quality means that objects can be used for generations and carry a story with them, hopefully turning into cultural artifacts,” explains Campanie. “I aim to create pieces that are rooted in simple geometry and built using time-tested construction methods.”

Campanie’s pieces call to mind the environment of his childhood – crafted from natural materials and held together using artful joinery techniques. “I’m drawn to warm natural materials like wood. They bring nature indoors. They feel good when touched,” he says.
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