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Modern Storage

Modern storage furniture exemplifies the playful, optimistic side of midcentury modern design in a unique way. At its core, modern storage furniture is functional, designed to conceal or display both practical and decorative objects. Storage furniture is rarely the central feature of a room; instead, it complements other furnishings and supplements storage space. Despite this, midcentury modern designers and architects – such as Charles and Ray Eames and Fritz Haller and Paul Schaerer – innovated and experimented with modern storage solutions that were at once functional, aesthetically pleasing, and forward-thinking.

For example, the Eames Hang-It-All is a whimsical take on a simple, functional coat rack. The minimal, geometric nature of some modern metal storage furniture is reminiscent of Bauhaus design. The colorful, industrial-inspired Eames Storage Units and USM storage pieces serve as great examples. Other modern storage furniture incorporates solid wood paneling and interesting material combinations – like aluminum, wired glass, and chromed steel.

Storage furniture and storage accessories are useful in almost every room. Furnishing your space with midcentury modern storage furniture can impact both the functionality and design scheme of your home. At Design Within Reach, discover modern storage solutions for every room.

How to Choose Modern Storage Solutions

To determine what storage solutions will help you optimize your space, consider the size of your home and the types of items you need to store.

If your home has small rooms or limited floor space, opt for vertical storage, like wall shelves, ladder bookcases, chests of drawers, and other tall, narrow storage units. Low, broad storage units, like credenzas, dressers, and media storage units, have the advantage of tabletop surface space, but their large size may not be optimal for every room. If you need a large storage unit that maximizes vertical space, consider a ladder bookshelf. Because ladder bookshelves have thin, vertical side rails and no upper or lower frames, they create the illusion of more floor space for an airy, light feeling.

In rooms with many small, miscellaneous items, such as an office, craft room, or kids’ playroom, consider mixing and matching storage solutions. Start with a large bookcase, shelving unit, or storage unit, then use smaller storage accessories to help you keep items organized. For example, designate storage crates in different colors for different craft supplies and stack them on a shelving unit for easy access and visual organization. Or choose fabric storage bins to bring a tactile element to your storage.

Shop modern storage solutions at Designed Within Reach for storage furniture and accessories that combine form and function.

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