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Modern Sleeper Sofas & Daybeds

A sleeper sofa, also called a sofa bed, is a quintessential piece of multipurpose living room furniture, especially for households that host their fair share of overnight guests. Simply put, sofa beds are sofas that can transform into beds. What may be an unassuming (but perfectly comfortable) sofa by day becomes a life-sized bed by night. Because they make double use of existing furniture, sleeper sofas are excellent pieces of living room furniture for small spaces without guest rooms or additional floor space, like apartments. Modern sleeper sofas offer modern and mid-century modern takes on traditional sleeper sofas. Like modern sofas, modern sleepers are sleek, space-saving, and ultra-functional, with leather sleeper sofas being some of the most attractive and sought-after modern sofa beds available.

Types of Sleeper Sofa

The first type of sofa bed is known as the pull-out sofa bed, named after the mechanism by which the bed emerges from the sofa’s base. One must pull up and out on on the front or back of the sofa’s seat to unfurl a bed frame and accompanying mattress. Of all the types of sleeper sofa available, pull-out couches tend to be more comfortable, because they conceal a responsive bed frame and spring or foam mattress beneath their cushions. Pull-out sofa beds can come in sectional form as sleeper sectionals, which are the largest and most accommodating sleeper sofas to choose from.

The second category of sleeper sofa includes convertible sofas and futons. Convertible sofas resemble traditional sofas with arms, while futons are armless. With convertible sofas and futons, what you see is what you get – their upholstered sofa backs recline until level with the seat, for a mattress that is completely made up of the sofa’s existing cushions. The seat back on a convertible sofa or futon may be all one piece, or sectioned, so one occupant can recline while another remains upright. Where sofa beds are bulkier and take up more floor space, convertible sofas and futons are smaller, lighter, and much less intrusive. However, their cushions are sometimes a little firmer than your average mattress.

What Is a Daybed?

The last entry in the sleeper category is the daybed, a unique sofa bed made specifically for lounging. Like beds, daybeds consist of a frame and a mattress (most daybeds have twin-sized daybed mattresses). Some daybeds have headboards. Unlike a bed, though, their headboards extend along three sides of the mattress to form a three-quarter frame that somewhat resembles a sofa’s back and arms. Throw pillows and blankets are useful for cushioning a daybed’s wood or metal frame. Iconic mid-century modern daybeds are extremely simple, made up of just a frame and a thin cushion or mattress. Some, like the iconic Barcelona Couch, come with bolster pillows for head support, while others, like the BassamFellows Daybed, have reclining panels that can be adjusted to a more upright position.

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