Dylan Freeth

U.K. (1969)
In his early twenties, Dylan Freeth had a job designing page layouts for a printing company, but then a walk through a Paris flea market inspired him to consider a different path. Struck by the variety of furniture forms and construction techniques he saw, Freeth quit his printing job and enrolled at London Guildhall University. After graduating with a degree in design and manufacturing, he began working in shared workshops, developing small commissions and self-initiated projects that reflected his astute observation of behavior and care for construction detail.

After exhibiting prototypes at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2006, Freeth’s X Hook was picked up for production by Habitat. Further collaborations followed, and the designer’s young family inspired several designs for Habitat furniture and toys. Since 2011, Freeth has worked consistently with iconic English manufacturer L. Ercolani, designing many successful products, and winning three Design Guild Mark Awards for excellence in British furniture design.

Freeth credits his artist-printmaker father for instilling in him a passion for drawing and craft from an early age, and for giving him an appreciation for creative work that’s accessible by many, not just one. More people can access a print than a painting, and more people can enjoy a production piece of furniture than a custom one-off design.

Considered construction, tactile details, and fine craftsmanship are cornerstones of Freeth’s work.
Dylan Freeth
To make quality products that fit beautifully into everyday life, and that people come to love over many years of use – that’s always what I’m aiming for.
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