Outdoor dining furniture 101

Dining al fresco is an activity often associated with vacation in a foreign city. However, an international plane ticket shouldn’t be a prerequisite for relishing the simple yet luxurious pleasure of eating outdoors. With the right dining table and chairs, your suburban backyard or apartment balcony can easily fit the bill as an al fresco dining spot. In fact, when furnished with well-designed pieces, your outdoor space will be (almost) as transportive as a faraway locale – but thankfully one you can enjoy daily.

Deck Collection

“Dining al fresco is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Whether you brunch with a friend on your balcony or host a lavish backyard dinner party, it’s important to invest in easy-to-maintain outdoor dining furniture that will stand the test of time – in terms of both durability and style.” – Marcello, Design Expert, DWR Westport Store

Sommer Oval Dining Table

Outdoor dining chair ideas

If you don’t opt for a modern outdoor dining set with matching chairs and table, it’s easy to select dining seats that will complement your table of choice. There are a few different types of chairs from which to choose:

Terassi Double Extension Table
Eos Rectangular Table with Broom Chairs
Finn Outdoor Furniture Cover Three Seater Sofa
Palissade Café Dining Set