Hallgeir Homstvedt

NORWAY (1977)
Hallgeir Homstvedt has always enjoyed making things. The Oslo native, whose family embraced the attitude that “anything can be made or fixed,” was encouraged to experiment by both his mother, who made costumes and clothing for the family, and his father, an engineer and inventor.

Originally planning to study engineering in Oslo, Homstvedt instead followed a sense of adventure – and a girl – to Australia. After realizing engineering wasn’t for him, he switched focus and in 2006 received a degree in industrial design from the University of Newcastle in Callaghan, Australia. Noting that his father is a technical genius, he says, “What I did not inherit I’ve tried to make up for on the aesthetic side.”

Back in Oslo, Homstvedt joined design collective Norway Says, and in 2009 he founded Homstvedt Design, operating out of a 19th-century factory building in the center of the city and focusing on interior and product design.

Homstvedt sums up his philosophy as an attempt “to simplify as much as possible in order to get to the essence of the product.” Even in aesthetically driven product categories, he designs for improvement on what’s come before. “In a successful design I find that the details that make it unique are also the features that improve functionality over a previous generation.” The result: timeless, functional, tactile designs that engage the user.

Homstvedt worked with designer Jonah Takagi for the first time on a project sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate in New York, which paired American and Norwegian designers for exhibition-oriented projects. As Takagi Homstvedt, the two have continued a long-distance partnership that relies on video conferencing and tag-team workdays in which Takagi picks up in the States where Homstvedt left off in Norway. So far, they’ve designed seating and lighting together, with a common appreciation for products that include what Homstvedt calls “considerate details – they don’t give everything away at first glance, but when you look closer you notice.”

Homstvedt’s manufacturing partners include Hem, Menu, Muuto and Hjelle. He has contributed several pieces to the Furnishing Utopia design collective.
Hallgeir Homstvedt
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