Rocking Chairs + Recliners

Rocking Chairs + Recliners
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Modern Rocking Chairs & Modern Recliners

Alongside lounge chairs, the rocking chair has a long history of being one of the most comfortable and soothing forms of living room seating. The modern living room rocking chair brings all the relaxation of its predecessors and adds streamlined appearance and style. Modern recliner chairs share a reputation for comfort with rocking chairs but do it in a way that allows the sitter to almost completely recline. Both rocking chairs and recliners can be indispensable pieces of lounge furniture that can upgrade your space from comfy to inviting and transform it into a place to relax and unwind.

How to Choose a Rocking Chair or Recliner

Whether you’re thinking about a rocking chair or recliner, you should consider a few common factors, most notably size and range of movement. Both rocking chairs and recliners require free space in front of and behind them so that you can enjoy their full range of movement. When shopping for a rocking chair or recliner, pay attention not only to the dimensions of the chair at rest, but also to its dimensions when it’s fully extended forward or backward. An upholstered rocking chair or recliner is going to take up more space and weigh significantly more than a non-upholstered one.

A comfortable rocking chair or recliner is top priority. Upholstered rocking chairs and recliners are plusher and thus slightly cozier than their non-upholstered counterparts. That said, non-upholstered rocking chairs are sleeker, lighter, and nearly as comfortable as upholstered ones – plus they’re easier to clean. If you’re a new parent looking for a rocking chair for a nursery, weigh your options. A non-upholstered chair will be much easier to clean, but an upholstered one will be far more comfortable for long rocking sessions.