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Quotes and Comments

Quotes and Comments

Here's a sample of some of the mail we've received recently from our friends and associates. We're always happy to hear your comments. If you'd like to share your thoughts with us, please send an e-mail to

“I felt compelled to write you just a few lines to say what a wonderful experience your web site and catalog were. The information you provided regarding the many designers was insightful and a true pleasure to read. It's rare to find a company that invests the time and financial resources needed to produce a website and catalog of this caliber. I plan to make my next sculpture/furniture purchase from your establishment.

“Kudos to your creative staff on a job well done!!

“Continued Success,”

–Alexander Alvarado
Creative Director, Wink Design

“I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful web site you have. It's absolutely the best I've seen yet. My husband and I appreciate good design and we were so thrilled to find you...Thank you for caring so much about good design and sharing it with the world.”

–Yasmin Young
Graphic Designer

“I'm quite impressed. My colleagues and I consider DWR to be a valuable new resource and look forward to your future development.”

–Erin Duncan
Interior Designer, Fitch Inc.

“I just received your catalog. It is terrific! Wonderful furniture and a great layout! Thank you. How wonderful to finally have access to classic furniture.”

–Lynda Wagstaff
Corporate Concierge and Graphic Designer, LesConcierges

“You guys are so great. Power on! DWR is a pleasure.”

–Lynn Michaels
Associate AIA

“The classic character of the furniture in your catalog is amazingly consistent in spite of the wide-ranging variety of the designs.”

–Fred Bainbridge
Architect, Bainbridge & Martin, Architects

“I got your catalog yesterday and visited your website today. Oh Joy! Oh Happiness! All the classics and some great new things too! I have been combing the web for a good modern design furniture company and I'm so pleased to have found your site. Thanks!”

–Kerry Armour

“It is so nice to see all of the newest (oldest) things in a catalog all at my fingertips! How refreshing.”

–Leslie Plush

“Your company offers a terrific service.”

–Lauren Shelby

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