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Closet Storage Systems

Storage furniture and systems of organization play a pivotal role in curating a well-designed home. Closet storage ideas and solutions will help you maintain a clutter-free space where you can showcase purposeful design objects — and, on a more functional note, easily access the items in your closet.

There are a few different ways to create organizational systems within your closet. Wall mounted shelves (these include wire closet shelving, galvanized shelving, and wood shelving) are easy to install and maximize vertical space. In addition, this type of shelving often incorporates a clothes rod. If you choose this type, mount the shelves high enough so that there’s room to hang clothes freely — but not so high that it’s impossible to reach the top shelf.

Floor shelving features a similar construction to wall mounted shelves, but this type is anchored by feet for added support. Choose floor shelving if you need to store heavy objects that can’t be supported by drywall anchors alone. If your mounted shelves or floor shelving doesn’t offer a place for shoes, opt for a stand-alone modern shoe rack. These are often available in two versions — tall and skinny or low and wide — to easily accommodate various spaces.

As you organize your bedroom closet, consider these storage shelving ideas. Use a closet shelf organizer, such as a basket or bin, for hats and sweaters. Select modern hangers that match to minimize the appearance of clutter. Ultimately, find the organizational system that works best for you and your space.

How to Find the Right Storage System

The best bedroom storage solutions combine organizational shelving with ample hanging space. Custom closet shelves are an ideal choice for large and small closets alike. They allow you to create a built-in system based on your specific needs. Do you need shelf space for a large collection of handbags and shoes? Or more hanging space for suits and coats?

Even if you don’t opt for custom shelving, there’s an abundance of small closet storage ideas. Install wall mounted shelves to utilize vertical space, and choose lidded bins that can be stacked upon the shelves. Hang your clothes on sturdy yet thin hangers to maximize rod space. Storage solutions for small bedrooms are easy to implement, too. Choose a bed frame with storage drawers, or capitalize on unused space with an underbed box.

Looking for clothing storage ideas with no closet? Thankfully, if you find yourself without a closet, there are ample solutions. Select a free-standing garment rack for hanging clothes. Store sweaters and pants in a floor shelving unit that features a combination of shelves and cubbies. With the right bedroom and closet storage systems in place, it’s simple to achieve a well-organized space.

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