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Midcentury design embraces art in all its forms, drawing inspiration from experimental modern art movements such as modernism, minimalism, abstraction, futurism, and others. No midcentury design scheme is complete without modern wall art, decor, and other visually interesting home accessories that evoke its artistic history. Many pieces of decor pay homage to the artists and design elements that influenced them; when combined, even incongruous pieces can give your home a cohesive design scheme. At Design Within Reach, explore a rich assortment of modern decor and accessories that can elevate the style and personality of your home’s interiors.

How to Decorate + Accessorize Your Home

Prioritize function.
Because functionality is an essential aspect of authentic midcentury modern design, it’s a good idea to start decorating and accessorizing with items that will increase the utility of your space. Modern storage accessories, decorative light fixtures, outdoor accessories, and tabletop and bar accessories can all lend a home visual interest while performing essential functions.

Create balance.
To create a sense of balance with your modern decor, choose decorative objects that complement or contrast the surrounding furniture and architecture. For example, if your modern furniture features curved lines and organic shapes, consider decorating with objects that also feature curves and organic shapes. Alternatively, provide contrast with objects that feature a linear aesthetic or geometric motifs. In a light, bright space, embrace a cohesive color scheme with light finishes and materials – or create compelling contrast with objects in a darker, moodier color palette.

Enhance your space.
As you decorate, consider how your decor will enhance the existing features within your space. For example, in a living room with high ceilings, small-scale pieces of wall art may feel disproportionate to the room. Instead, choose large-scale posters or wall art that better fill the space. Similarly, think about hanging wall mirrors across from or adjacent to windows that receive ample natural light. The mirrors will reflect the light and help brighten your space.

How do you find your home decor style?
A good strategy for learning what home decor styles speak to you is to browse photo galleries of homes and keep note of the interiors that inspire you. You can create an online mood board full of inspirational images or make a list of trends you find yourself gravitating toward again and again: color schemes, furniture materials, patterns, textures – anything that catches your eye.

Where to buy home decor and accessories?
For a wide selection of modern home decor and accessories, shop at Design Within Reach.