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Sure, clocks are great for telling time, but have your ever purchased a clock purely for its decorative appeal? Perhaps you’re imagining a cuckoo clock that chirps on the hour or a grandfather clock that chimes the time throughout the wee hours of the morning. While those timekeepers have their merits, today’s decorative clocks are decidedly more modern — and, thankfully, much quieter.

Modern wall clocks feature eye-catching designs that add playful sophistication to your home’s interiors. Some incorporate geometric forms while others take inspiration from nature, showcasing floral-inspired silhouettes or woodland creatures.

Don’t want to hang a clock on the wall? Instead, opt for a modern alarm clock for your bedside table. Many alarm clocks are analog and feature a vintage-inspired aesthetic — a refreshing departure from the clunky digital versions so prevalent today.

Or consider adding a modern table clock to your living room décor. This type of clock pairs well with other decorative accessories, such as a small tray or candleholder. Position a table clock on your living room side table, credenza, or even on a bookshelf alongside a stack of books.

Whether you hang a clock on the wall, place one on your bedside table, or incorporate one into your living room décor, these modern home accessories will lend both style and pragmatism to your interiors. Discover different clock styles and how to feature them in your home.

Clock Style

Aside from the two obvious categories — that is, analog and digital — modern clocks tend to fall into two camps: wooden clocks and metal clocks. Often crafted from walnut, wooden clocks are designed in a range of styles, from traditional to eclectic-Bohemian. A metal wall clock may be rendered in steel, aluminum, or brass. These, too, feature a range of styles, including retro-inspired details and minimalist designs that convey a contemporary sensibility.

For mid-century modern interiors, choose a clock crafted from walnut with brass hardware. If your interiors skew contemporary, select a two-tone clock with a minimalist face. Finally, opt for a piece with a sculptural silhouette to complement Bohemian-inspired interiors.

Once you’ve decided on a wall clock that coincides with your interiors, contemplate where to hang it. A clock can hold its own and make a statement on a bare wall, or it can play well in a gallery wall where it’s featured among photographs, prints, and artwork. If you decide to put a modern analog clock in your bedroom, consider positioning it over your headboard. Or hang a wall clock in the kitchen.

Whether you opt for a sleek designer clock or something entirely whimsical, it’s sure to add an element of stylish yet pragmatic design to your home’s interiors.

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