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60 W. Green St. Pasadena, CA 91105


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10am – 6pm 10am – 6pm 10am – 6pm 10am – 6pm 10am – 6pm 10am – 6pm 12pm – 5pm


Phone: 626.432.6700 Fax: 626.432.1670
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Our Pasadena Studio is located in the historic and architecturally rich Old Town Shopping District. Housed in a brick warehouse constructed in the early 1920s, the Studio is an expansive yet warm space, distinguished by an open truss ceiling and a unique poured pebble floor. A wide selection of our assortment is displayed gallery style and is overseen by Studio Proprietor Jennifer Lewi along with a knowledgeable staff providing expert, personalized assistance.

You’ll find parking structures on DeLacey Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Green Street (first 90 minutes free), and at the corner of Fair Oaks Avenue and Green Street.


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Castle Green (1898-95) 99 S. Raymond Street 626.793.0359 castlegreen.com

Gamble House (1908) by Greene and Greene 4 Westmoreland Place 626.793.3334 gamblehouse.org

Packard House (1924) by RM Schindler 931 Gainsborough Rd
Descanso Gardens 1418 Descanso Drive 818.949.4200 descansogardens.org

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Perkins House (1955) by Richard Neutra 1540 Poppy Peak Drive


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