SAS DWR Difference

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Artichoke Lamp, Small
Artichoke Lamp, Small
Artichoke Lamp, Small
Fun 7 Pendant
$12,500.00USD $10,625.00USD
Superordinate Antler Pendant 12X
$6,100.00 - $8,400.00USD $5,185.00 - $7,140.00USD
Amax Outdoor Floor Lamp - Small
$6,590.00 - $7,990.00USD $5,601.50 - $6,791.50USD
Sola 36 Chandelier
Serge Mouille Three-Arm Floor Lamp
Serge Mouille Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp
Onion Pendant Small
$1,595.00 - $6,500.00USD $1,355.75 - $5,525.00USD
Cellula Rectangular Chandelier
$5,995.00USD $5,095.75USD
Taraxacum 88 Pendant Lamp
Modo Chandelier, 4 Sided, 15 Globes
Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes
Serge Mouille Two-Arm Wall Sconce
Fortuny Lamp
$5,000.00USD $4,250.00USD
Skygarden S2
Zeppelin S1
Superordinate Antler Pendant 6X
$2,300.00 - $3,700.00USD $1,955.00 - $3,145.00USD
Logico Triple Linear Suspension Lamp
PH 4 1/2-4 Pendant Lamp
Arco Floor Lamp
Taccia Lamp
Taraxacum S2 Pendant Lamp
Drop 1 Pendant, Grouping of 11
Murano Glass Chandelier
$2,940.00USD $2,499.00USD
Serge Mouille One-Arm Floor Lamp
Random Light - Small
$642.00 - $2,418.00USD
Fucsia Pendant Lamp 8
Cellula Chandelier
$2,730.00USD $2,320.50USD
Snowball Pendant Lamp
Giogali Chandelier
Superordinate Antler Pendant 4X
$1,650.00 - $2,500.00USD $1,402.50 - $2,125.00USD
Skygarden S1
Serge Mouille Tripod Desk Lamp
Logico Floor Lamp
Spun Floor Lamp
$1,895.00 - $2,095.00USD $1,610.75 - $1,780.75USD
Giogali Hugger Chandelier
Model 2097 30 Chandelier
Onion Table Lamp in White
$1,695.00 - $1,995.00USD $1,440.75 - $1,695.75USD
Prouvé Potence Lamp
Nyhavn Outdoor Wall Sconce
$1,596.00 - $1,796.00USD $1,356.60 - $1,526.60USD
Logico Table Lamp
Fun 1 Floor Lamp
PH 3/2 Floor Lamp
Drop 1 Pendant, Grouping of 6
Logico Single Ceiling
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp, Black Finish
$1,525.00USD $1,241.00USD
265 Wall Lamp
$1,425.00USD $1,211.25USD
Globo di Luce Pendant
Toio Floor Lamp
Spun T1 Table Lamp
$1,195.00 - $1,395.00USD $1,015.75 - $1,185.75USD
Metropoli Ceiling/Wall - 22 in. Polished
PH 3/2 Table Lamp
Satellite Chandelier
$1,325.00USD $1,126.25USD
Tri-Arm Floor Lamp
$1,295.00USD $1,100.75USD
Uovo Outdoor Table/Floor Lamp
$1,272.00USD $1,081.20USD
Tolomeo Double Suspension Lamp, 10" Shades
Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp
AJ Floor Lamp
Stamen Pendant
$1,195.00USD $1,015.75USD
AJ Outdoor Wall Sconce
$1,164.00USD $989.40USD
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp with 17" Parchment Shade
$1,145.00 - $1,150.00USD $973.25 - $977.50USD
Ktribe F2 Floor Lamp
$995.00 - $1,095.00USD $845.75 - $930.75USD
Ktribe T2 Table Lamp
$995.00 - $1,095.00USD $845.75 - $930.75USD
Glo-Ball F3 Floor Lamp
Kaiser-idell™ Luxus Floor Lamp
$1,061.00USD $901.85USD
AJ Table Lamp
PH 3-2 1/2 Outdoor Wall Sconce
$1,038.00USD $882.30USD
London Table Lamp
Fucsia Pendant Lamp 3
Mantis BS2 Wall Lamp
Glo-Ball F2 Floor Lamp
Kaiser-idell™ Tiltable Floor Lamp
$973.00USD $827.05USD
Lampe Gras Model 215L Floor Lamp
$960.00USD $816.00USD
AJ Wall Sconce
PH5 Pendant Lamp
Tolomeo Single Suspension Lamp, Aluminum Shade
PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp
Modo Sconce
Pod Pendant
$895.00USD $760.75USD
Grasshopper Floor Lamp
$875.00USD $743.75USD
Cargo Light
Glo-Ball F1 Floor Lamp
Kaiser-idell™ Luxus Table Lamp
$846.00USD $719.10USD
Drink Floor Lamp
$820.00USD $697.00USD
Logico Sconce
Cellula Wall Sconce
$795.00USD $675.75USD
KTRIBE T1 - Chrome Body
Light Table Bench 52
Tolomeo Floor Lamp
Ktribe S2 Pendant
$665.00 - $765.00USD $565.25 - $650.25USD
Bluff City Pendant, Large
$750.00USD $637.50USD
Glo-Ball T1 Table Lamp
Tolomeo Mega Wall with 14" Parchment Shade
Mantis BS3 Table Lamp
Titan 3 Pendant Lamp with Diffuser
$665.00 - $698.00USD $565.25 - $593.30USD
London Wall Light
$695.00USD $590.75USD
Cobra Floor Lamp
$695.00USD $590.75USD
Tube Top Floor Lamp
Kaiser-idell™ Tiltable Table Lamp
$674.00USD $572.90USD
Tolomeo LED Desk Lamp
Titan 1 Pendant Lamp with Diffuser
Gatto Lamp
Kaiser-idell™ Wall Lamp
$618.00USD $525.30USD
Kaiser-idell™ Small Table Lamp
$618.00USD $525.30USD
Costanza Floor Lamp
Costanza Table Lamp
Tizio Desk Lamp
Parentesi Lamp
Modo Table Lamp
Lampe Gras Model 214 Wall Lamp
$580.00USD $493.00USD
Mast Light with Transformer Box
Mirandolina Table Lamp
$570.00USD $484.50USD
Tolomeo Desk Lamp
Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan with Halogen Light
Superordinate Antler Sconce
Mix Task Lamp
Deck Light
Bluff City Pendant, Small
$550.00USD $467.50USD
Glo-Ball S1 Suspension Lamp
Tolomeo Wall Lamp, 7" Parchment Shade
Mantis BS5 SW Sconce
Coral Pendant
Solis Lamp, Small
$300.00 - $500.00USD $255.00 - $425.00USD
Semi Pendant, Small
$259.00 - $499.00USD $220.15 - $424.15USD
Cortina 72" Floor Lamp
$496.00USD $421.60USD
Grasshopper Table Lamp
$495.00USD $420.75USD
Tab Floor Lamp
Elise 80" Floor Lamp
Lampe Gras Model 205 Task Lamp
$475.00USD $403.75USD
Nelson Cigar Floor Lamp - Lotus Base/Small
Brazo Floor Lamp
Satellite Sconce
$460.00USD $391.00USD
Cobra Table Lamp
$455.00USD $386.75USD
Hector Floor Lamp
Bourgie Table Lamp
Cirrus Ceiling Fan with Halogen Light
Kelvin LED Table Lamp
Gatto Piccolo Lamp
Link Floor Lamp, Small
Companionway Light
Nelson Ball Pendant Lamp - Large
Nelson Triple Bubble Fixture Kit
Nelson Cigar Pendant Lamp
Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamp, Small
Tolomeo Mini Lamp
Ktribe S1 Pendant
Kaiser-idell™ Pendant Lamp
$425.00USD $361.25USD
Nelson Pear Lamp With Stand - Small
Nelson Cigar Lamp With Stand - Small
Well Pendant
Lampe Gras Model 201 Clamp Lamp
$420.00USD $357.00USD
Brazo Table Lamp
Superordinate Antler Table Lamp
Oval Bulkhead Light, Large
Nelson Crisscross Pear Pendant Lamp
Element Disc LED Task Lamp
Cortina 60" Floor Lamp
Tripod Floor Lamp
$395.00USD $335.75USD
Cobra Wall Sconce
$395.00USD $335.75USD
Tolomeo Wall Mount Lamp
Bulkhead Light, Small
$375.00 - $395.00USD $318.75 - $335.75USD
Soft Dog Pendant, Small
$295.00 - $395.00USD $250.75 - $335.75USD
Fucsia Pendant Lamp 1
Baton Table Lamp
$385.00USD $327.25USD
Link Task Lamp, Small
Hector Pendant 4
Nelson Ball Wall Sconce
Nelson Cigar Table Lamp
Nelson Cigar Wall Sconce
Nelson Saucer Wall Sconce
Tab Table Lamp
Nelson Pear Pendant Lamp - Small
Coach Wall Light
Tube Top Table Lamp - Small
Nelson Propeller Pendant Lamp
Oval Bulkhead Light, Medium
Lim L Floor Lamp
Lampe Gras Model 304 Sconce Lamp
$360.00USD $306.00USD
Nelson Crisscross Saucer Pendant Lamp
Nelson Crisscross Cigar Pendant Lamp
Nelson Crisscross Ball Pendant Lamp
Miss K Table Lamp
Link Wall Mount, Small
Link Clamp Mount, Small
Hector Table Lamp
Mast Light
$250.00 - $328.00USD $212.50 - $278.80USD
Lim L Table Lamp
Nelson Lantern Lamp with Stand
Drop 2 Pendant
Drop 1 Pendant
Tolomeo Micro Lamp
Pendant Barn Lamp
$315.00USD $267.75USD
Costanzina Table Lamp
Globe Portable LED Lamp
$299.00USD $254.15USD
Fluid Pendant
Rich Brilliant Willing LED Floor Lamp
$295.00USD $250.75USD
Toto Cube Lamp
$295.00USD $250.75USD
Oval Bulkhead Light, Small
Nelson Lantern Pendant Lamp
Glo-Ball Ceiling/Wall Zero Sconce
$275.00USD $233.75USD
Pearson Clip Lamp
Lim C Table Lamp
Hector Pendant 1
Hector Wall Sconce
Copeland Light - Compact
Rich Brilliant Willing LED Table Lamp
$249.00USD $211.65USD
Tolomeo Wall Spot
Cortina Table Lamp
Ball Portable LED Lamp
$209.00USD $177.65USD
Pixo LED Table Lamp
$199.00 - $205.00USD $169.15 - $174.25USD
Glo-Ball Mini T Table Lamp
Unfold Pendant
$189.00USD $160.65USD
Tolomeo Clip Spot
Elise 18" Table Lamp
Mayday Light
Elise 12" Table Lamp
E27 Pendant Light
$79.00USD $67.15USD
Philips 11W (60W) A19/E26 LED Light Bulb</span>
$19.50USD $16.58USD
Philips 8W (40W) A19/E26 LED Light Bulb</span>
$19.50USD $16.58USD
Philips 3W (25W) B11/E12 LED Light Bulb</span>
$19.50USD $16.58USD
Philips 3W (25W) B12/E26 LED Light Bulb</span>
$19.50USD $16.58USD
Edison Bulb with Quad Loop Filament
Edison Bulb with Squirrelcage Filament
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