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Dougan Clarke, a sailor who spent a decade working with sails and rigging, changed the definition of “umbrella” with his sleek, modern shade structures. He launched his company, Tuuci (The Ultimate Umbrella Company), in 1998.


Tuuci® Baymaster Cantilever, Aluma-Teak™
Tuuci® Hexagon Shade, Aluma-Teak™
$190.00 - $1,695.00USD
Tuuci® Manta Shade, Aluma-Teak™
$190.00 - $1,930.00USD
Tuuci® Razor Shade, Aluma-Teak™
$190.00 - $1,930.00USD
Tuuci® Baymaster Cantilever, Aluminum
Tuuci® Hexagon Shade
Tuuci® Manta Shade
$190.00 - $1,560.00USD
Tuuci® Razor Shade
Mid-Century Sunshade
$535.00 - $999.00USD
Mobile Stand
30" Stationary Stand
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