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Finn Dining Chair
Finn Dining Table
Lucca Dining Armchair
$764.00 - $825.00USD
Lucca Dining Side Chair
$580.00 - $634.00USD
Lucca Dining Table with Umbrella Hole
Audrey Armchair, Set of 2
Audrey Side Chair, Set of 2
Arc En Ciel Folding Table
Tolix® Marais Barstool with High Back
$405.00 - $405.00USD $243.00 - $405.00USD
Tolix® Marais Counter Stool with High Back
Tolix® Marais Two-Seater Dining Table
$720.00 - $820.00USD $432.00 - $820.00USD
Tolix® Marais Four-Seater Dining Table
$820.00 - $920.00USD $492.00 - $920.00USD
1966 Collection® Dining Armchair
1966 Collection® Dining Side Chair
Shot Café Chair
Eos Armchair
Eos Rectangular Table
Eos Square Table
Eos Bench
Eos Side Chair
Petal® Dining Table
$2,264.00 - $2,343.00USD
1966 Collection® Porcelain Serving Cart
1966 Collection Porcelain Dining Table, 38" Square
1006 Navy® Barstool with Brushed Finish
$790.00 - $1,785.00USD
1006 Navy® Barstool with Arms in Brushed Finish
1006 Navy® Counter Stool with Brushed Finish
$790.00 - $1,785.00USD
1006 Navy® Side Chair with Brushed Finish
$510.00 - $1,360.00USD
Tolix® Marais A Chair
$275.00 - $275.00USD $165.00 - $275.00USD
Tolix® Marais A56 Armchair
Tolix® Marais Barstool
$335.00 - $335.00USD $201.00 - $335.00USD
Tolix® Marais Counter Stool
$305.00 - $305.00USD $183.00 - $305.00USD
Tolix® Marais Stool 18 in.
$205.00 - $205.00USD $123.00 - $205.00USD
Outdoor Eames® Aluminum Group Side Chair
Lisboa Armchair
Lisboa Side Chair
111 Navy Chair®
Outdoor LC7 Swivel Chair
Kayu Dining Table
$995.00 - $1,994.00USD
Kayu Teak Dining Bench
Deneb Table - 47x31
Deneb Laminate Table - 63x35
Deneb Teak Bench - Small
Deneb Teak Stool
Deneb Teak Table - 47X31
Bellini Chair®
Bertoia Barstool
Bertoia Barstool with Seat Pad
Bertoia Counter Stool
Bertoia Counter Stool with Seat Pad
Bertoia Side Chair
Bertoia Side Chair with Vinyl Seat Pad
Boulevard Round Table
Boulevard Square Table
Emeco Barstool - Brushed
$420.00 - $935.00USD
Emeco Counter Stool - Brushed
$420.00 - $935.00USD
Emeco Short Stool - Brushed
$375.00 - $770.00USD
Fiona Teak Tray
Globus Chair in Plastic with Stainless Frame
$299.00 - $309.00USD $224.25 - $309.00USD
Hudson Armchair - Brushed
$960.00 - $1,905.00USD
Hudson Barstool - Brushed
$1,070.00 - $2,125.00USD
Hudson Chair - Brushed
$820.00 - $1,620.00USD
Hudson Counter Stool - Brushed
$1,070.00 - $2,125.00USD
Inox Table, Extendable
Inox Table, Large Round
Inox Table, Rectangular
Inox Table, Round
Inox Table, Square
Kong Side Chair - Brushed
Panton Chair
Panton Junior
Quovis Standing-Height Table
Quovis Counter-Height Table
$1,645.00 - $1,850.00USD
Sol y Luna Armless Dining Chair
Sol y Luna Dining Armchair
Sol y Luna High-Back Barstool
$228.00 - $956.00USD
Sol y Luna Round Bar Table
Sol y Luna Square Dining Table
Spark Side Chair
1006 Navy® Counter Stool with Seat Pad, Brushed
$925.00 - $1,920.00USD
1006 Seat Pad
1006 Navy® Chair with Seat Pad, Brushed
$645.00 - $1,495.00USD
Hudson Chair with Seat Pad, Brushed
$955.00 - $1,755.00USD
Hudson Barstool with Seat Pad, Brushed
$1,205.00 - $2,260.00USD
1006 Navy® Barstool with Seat Pad, Brushed
$925.00 - $1,920.00USD
Hudson Counter Stool with Seat Pad, Brushed
$1,205.00 - $2,260.00USD
Walter Lamb Armchair
Walter Lamb Rectangular Dining Table
Walter Lamb Round Dining Table
Walter Lamb Square Dining Table
20-06 Round Bar-Height Table
20-06 Square Cafe Table
Piana Folding Chair
Arc En Ciel Folding Chair
One More Counter Stool
Lizz Chair, Set of 2
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