SAS DWR Difference

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Aura Credenza
$2,775.00USD $2,358.75USD
Parallel Tall Dresser
$2,480.00USD $2,108.00USD
Parallel Bedside Table, Left
$780.00USD $663.00USD
Parallel Wide Dresser, Left
$2,980.00USD $2,533.00USD
Aura Media Unit
$2,160.00USD $1,836.00USD
Finn Juhl Credenza
Parallel Under-Bed Storage
$785.00USD $667.25USD
Line Credenza, Large
$3,385.00USD $2,877.25USD
Line Console
$2,785.00USD $2,367.25USD
Line Credenza, Small
$2,995.00USD $2,545.75USD
Line Media Console 35
$1,350.00USD $1,147.50USD
Line Media Console 70
$2,585.00USD $2,197.25USD
Line File Pedestal
Line File Credenza
$3,585.00USD $3,047.25USD
Line Bar
$3,585.00USD $3,047.25USD
Line Wine Bar
$3,995.00USD $3,395.75USD
Stacked Shelf, Small
$9.00 - $239.00USD $7.65 - $203.15USD
Stacked Shelving, Set of 4
Mini Stacked Shelf, Small
$29.00 - $159.00USD $24.65 - $135.15USD
Sapien Bookcase - Short
$218.00 - $298.00USD $185.30 - $253.30USD
Cubitec Shelving Kit - 10" Depth
$55.00 - $265.00USD $46.75 - $225.25USD
Sapporo Shelving w/Cable Management, One High
Matera Five-Drawer Dresser
$2,885.00 - $3,285.00USD $2,452.25 - $2,792.25USD
Matera Six-Drawer Dresser
$3,425.00 - $3,885.00USD $2,911.25 - $3,302.25USD
American Modern 5-Drawer Dresser in Maple
American Modern 6-Drawer Dresser in Maple
American Modern 5-Drawer Dresser in Walnut
American Modern 6-Drawer Dresser in Walnut
Brix - 2 High - Narrow Bedside
Brix - 3 High - Wide
Brix - 3x3 - Narrow
Brix - 4 High - Narrow
Lap Shelving System, Low Frame
Lap Shelving System, Medium Frame
Lap Shelving System, Tall Frame
Eames® Storage Unit, 1x1
Eames® Storage Unit, 1x2
Eames® Storage Unit, 2x2
Eames® Storage Unit, 2x2 with Doors
Eames® Storage Unit, 4x2
Cross Credenza
$3,000.00 - $3,500.00USD $2,550.00 - $2,975.00USD
Florence Knoll Four-Position Credenza
Florence Knoll Two-Position Credenza
Treku Bookcase - 18 in. Complete Unit
$998.00 - $1,625.00USD $848.30 - $1,381.25USD
Quovis Credenza
Nelson™ BCS Open Cabinet, One Drawer, Free Standing
Nelson™ BCS Closed Cabinet, Left Hinged, Free Standing
Nelson™ BCS 5 Drawer Cabinet with Door
Nelson™ BCS 2 Drawers over 2 Doors
Nelson™ BCS 3 Drawers, Bench Mount
$1,649.00 - $1,849.00USD
Sussex Credenza
Sussex Credenza with Three Drawers
Sussex Cabinet with Four Doors
Sussex Tall Credenza with Four Drawers
Atlas 3 Drawer Cabinet Deep w/ Lock
Atlas Filing Cabinet with Lock
Atlas Narrow 2 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Narrow 3 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Narrow 4 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Wide 2 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Wide 3 Drawer Dresser
Atlas Wide 4 Drawer Dresser
Standline Pedestal
$450.00USD $382.50USD
Muro Media Storage - Unfinished
$650.00USD $552.50USD
Sussex Media Unit
Left Angle Shelf
$130.00USD $110.50USD
Vipp Shelf, Small
$199.00 - $299.00USD
Nelson™ Thin Edge Chest
Nelson™ Thin Edge Buffet
Nelson™ Thin Edge Cabinet
Royal System® Shelving Unit C
$1,475.00 - $5,985.00USD $1,253.75 - $5,087.25USD
Royal System® Shelving Unit A with Desk Shelf
$1,475.00 - $1,885.00USD $1,253.75 - $1,602.25USD
Royal System® Shelving Unit B with Desk Cabinet
$1,475.00 - $3,985.00USD $1,253.75 - $3,387.25USD
Royal System® Shelving Unit A
$1,475.00 - $1,775.00USD $1,253.75 - $1,508.75USD
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