Champagne Chair Contest

Two Categories to Judge

A note to our loyal Champagne Chair fans.

BEST ORIGINAL CHAIR: An original design by the author without influence from real-world chairs past or present. The chair should be judged with the same criteria that might be applied to a full-size prototype being considered for the marketplace, taking into account comfort, appearance, originality, workmanship and ingenuity.

BEST LIKENESS CHAIR: A design created as a homage to a real-world chair. In this case, craftsmanship and execution are highest on the list of judging criteria, with special attention to proportions and the skill and creativity with which materials were used to represent the original.


All four winning chairs will be featured on

BEST ORIGINAL: First Place: $1,500 DWR Gift Card Second Place: $750 DWR Gift Card Third Place: $500 DWR Gift Card
BEST LIKENESS: $1,500 DWR Gift Card