Rich Brilliant Willing

U.S.A. (FOUNDED 2007)

“A lot of people refer to us as a band,” Theo Richardson told Architectural Digest in 2011. “To say our work represents three distinct voices singing in harmony sounds cheesy, but it’s actually not a bad analogy.... Everything we make ends up representing a shared vision.” Richardson shares that vision with Charles Brill and Alexander Williams, and together they make up Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW).

The three friends and collaborators met at the Rhode Island School of Design, and they worked together to launch RBW in Manhattan in 2007. Starting out specializing in creative lighting designs, the trio has expanded its repertoire to include furniture, barware and, in 2008, something called Green Cell – a standardized rechargeable battery that would streamline gadget charging. Accolades have also flowed from the beginning for these eminent stars of the design world, as they were named among the “Top 40” designers by I.D. magazine back in 2009. More recent honors include the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) “Best New Designer” award and inclusion in the 2011 Forbes magazine “30 under 30” list for art and design. They’ve collaborated on products for the likes of Artecnica, Areaware, Urban Outfitters and Design Within Reach. For lighting designers Rich Brilliant Willing, the future is certainly bright.

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