The annual DWR
Champagne Chair Contest™
is coming!

Start assembling your chairs now.

Call for entries begins on December 20. To enter, create a miniature chair using only the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles. Three (or more) winners will receive a special prize.

  • Use any or all of the materials (except glass) from no more than two (2) champagne bottles. Glue is the only permitted adhesive. You are not permitted to use any additional materials – including tape and/or paint.
  • Cork sheeting is not allowed. If you think the construction of your chair might be mistaken for cork sheeting, please take photos while making your chair. Finalists may be asked to provide proof of construction methods.
  • The chair must measure no more than 4"x4"x4".
  • Call for entries will begin on December 20, 2015. Entries must be received before midnight EST on Friday, January 8, 2016.
  • Thirty (30) chairs will be selected as finalists. If your chair is one of these, you will be asked to send your chair to DWR, and these 30 chairs will become the property of DWR.
  • Please, only one chair and one submission per person.

Previous Champagne Chair Contest Winners

Create chair

Create a chair out of the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles.

Photograph chair

Take a picture using a blank piece of white paper as your background. (Follow our photo guidelines below for an optimal picture.)

Submit chair

Starting on December 20, entries can be submitted here or via Instagram with #dwrchampagnechair.


All winning chairs will be featured on
First Place: $1,000 DWR Gift Card
Second Place: $500 DWR Gift Card
Third Place: $250 DWR Gift Card

New prize category: Best Likeness.
Each year, we receive wonderful entries that look just like chairs in our assortment. Sadly, our judges rarely choose these entries as finalists because they aren’t original designs. We think that’s a pity, so we’ll now award a special prize (we’re not sure what yet – something fun) to the Best Likeness.
  • Grab a piece of plain white paper.
  • Head toward moderate sunlight.
  • Hold paper to create curved backdrop.
  • Place chair on paper.
  • Snap a picture. Make sure that it’s crisp and clear and that it captures your chair’s best angle.
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