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Because smart designers
wrestled with sleep,
you don’t have to.

Our Sonno mattresses provide superior comfort by combining the latest in heat- and pressure-sensitive visco-elastic memory foam with ventilating fabric. This ventilating fabric wicks away moisture to help the body maintain an ideal temperature while sleeping.

Mattress Comparison

  Sonno Collection Other Foam Spring Mattress
Conformity 75% immediate body conformity due to open-cell foam construction 5- to 10-minute “warm-up” period to conform to body Passable comfort, especially with expensive upgrade options such as “pillow tops”
Ventilation Ventilation holes, designed as part of the three-zone comfort system-help circulate air for temperature moderation The surface is intact - with no holes - preventing airflow and allowing heat to build up Ventilation varies depending on mattress construction
Support Three-zone comfort design provides varying support for the whole body Uniform density over entire mattress Uniform density over entire mattress
Construction No springs. Open-cell memory foam prevents uncomfortable cradle effect Can be open-cell or closed-cell foam Spring construction degrades over time
Allergy-Proof Mattress-deep channels of ventilation and CoolMax or bamboo-poly fabric wick away moisture, preventing harmful molds, mites and bacteria Dust mite resistant cover only Materials used can house dust mites and other allergens
Movement No “warm-up” period means the sleeper can easily shift positions during the night, with no sleep disturbance. Foam is movement dampening, so won't disturb partner “Warm-up” period makes it difficult to move out of the groove from initial sleep position and to adjust to a new position Spring construction makes movement difficult without disturbing sleeping partner




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