LEM Piston Stool with Wood Seat
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LEM Piston Stool with Wood Seat
Designed by Shin and Tomoko Azumi
Shin and Tomoko Azumi have brought innovation to a range of products, from subwoofer speakers to salt and pepper shakers to their LEM Piston Stool. Named Product of the Year at the FX International Interior Design Awards in 2000, the often-copied LEM Piston Stool reveals a rigorous and original rethinking of the form and function of seating. The sculptural seat not only swivels but also adjusts easily from counter height to bar height with a lever that activates a gas cylinder. While utility strongly determines its form, this unique stool also has a visual lightness that creates the illusion of freedom from gravity. LEM is included in the permanent collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Made in Italy.
LEM Piston Stool with Wood Seat #1019
swatch color Blanched.Oak swatch color Dark-St.Oak
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