Nelson™ Swag Leg Desk
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Nelson™ Swag Leg Desk
Designed by George Nelson for Herman Miller®
The reintroduction of George Nelson's Swag Leg Desk (1958) was driven by today's propensity for working on laptop computers. With the exception of adding cable management to suit today's compact electronics, the desk is as George Nelson designed it 50 years ago. Back then, the motivation to create such a desk began with Nelson asking "wouldn't it be beautiful to have some kind of sculptured leg on a piece of furniture?" An idea was launched, but the designer had to figure out how to make the legs of metal, machine formed and pre-finished - and all designed for quick assembly. The solution turned out to be swaging, which means using pressure to taper and curve a metal tube. Nelson had found a way to make his sculptured legs, and in the process he created a precursor to today's workstation.
Nelson™ Swag Leg Desk #10958
swatch color Walnut
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