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Taburet M Stacking Stool
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Taburet M Stacking Stool
Designed by Jørgen Møller
The Taburet M Stacking Stool (2000) is almost pure abstraction, making minimum impact on space and redefining "seat" in the simplest sense. Yet, the stool is quite substantial, offering a low, comfortable seat suited to a retail setting, showroom, gallery or reception area. The Taburet M Stacking Stool was designed by Danish craftsman/designer Jørgen Møller, who, along with Bruno Mathsson, became one of the early leading exponents of modern Danish design. Like Mathsson, Møller sought new solutions rather than drawing from tradition, and created light, minimal structures. Made in Denmark.
  • Stacks three high.
  • Great for gallery use.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Classic Danish design by Jørgen Møller.
Taburet M Stacking Stool #0578
$340.00USD $289.00USD
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