Zephyr Rug
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Zephyr Rug
Designed by Curtis Fletcher and Emily Greenberg
Inspired by patterns in the sand made by the wind, the Zephyr Rug (2012) brings a modern twist to how something as simple as a gentle breeze can alter the landscape that surrounds us. Like the Gobi Rug, the Zephyr Rug is handwoven by artisan weavers in Egypt’s Delta region. Made without chemicals or dyes, the 100% virgin wool is woven into stripes of cream and grey, which are the natural colors of the sheep native to the area. Naturally processed using ancient materials and techniques, Zephyr celebrates the time-tested practice of artisan rug making. The low pile of the Zephyr Rug allows it to be placed anywhere because it will not interfere with the opening and closing of most doors. Rug pad recommended. Made in Egypt.
  • Because each Zephyr Rug is completely free of chemicals and dyes, it features natural color variances that impart it with unique beauty.
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Zephyr Rug #29727
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