Liz Roache

U.S.A. (1957)
Inspired by Josef Albers, artist and art educator Liz Roache became the chosen successor to Ati Gropius Johansen, daughter of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, after meeting the German designer and illustrator in 1990. It began a fated friendship of instruction, inspiration, and collaboration with Johansen for the next 30 years. “Ati and I talked constantly about color and design, topics that endlessly fascinated both of us no matter where we were,” says the Boston-based designer. Those influences – emphasizing color interaction and dynamic design – guide Roache’s creative approach within commercial and residential spaces, her teachings to corporate design teams, and her work and instruction within prestigious institutions around the world. Dedicating her life to color work and design thinking led Roache to The Museum of Modern Art, where she has taught and designed exclusive products, The DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts, and internationally recognized design house Pierre Frey for a textile, wall covering, and carpet collection. For Roache, color is optimism, a source of beauty, a medium for bold connections. Her fine art prints celebrate her Bauhaus teachings by staging color interactions that provoke conversation and find unexpected resonances.
Color has the power to lift us up, make us happy, and change our moods. Color should be a magnetic force that makes us want to stay right in front of it.
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