“Here, everybody’s on display,” says architect Noam Dvir.

The Pines, a coastal village on New York’s Fire Island, is not for the bashful. It’s home to a thriving queer enclave squeezed onto a car-free spit of land no more than 1,000 feet wide, shored up by dunes and shaded by outcrops of low-lying pitch pines. The wind is brisk, often carrying the sweet smell of tequila and vocals from the pop diva du jour. Dvir and Daniel Rauchwerger bought and renovated a house here after eight summers as visitors. They’re partners in life and business, having formed New York-based BoND in 2020, and currently count four residential projects underway on the island. The exhibitionism Dvir mentions extends to the interior they renovated. BoND organized the house’s upstairs level around a perpendicular axis, with some hallways terminating in floor-to-ceiling windows looking onto nature and one other punctuated by a window looking onto the primary bedroom. “At night when people are doing different things in the house, there's so much animation,” says Rauchwerger.

Rollercoaster Boardwalk 1966 adjusted
1968 Party
1977 Boys on the Beach