Flemming Busk

DENMARK (1967)

Flemming Busk discovered his creative side in grammar school, and his love of art class was encouraged at home by his father and grandmother, both painting hobbyists. By high school, bored with his classes, Busk was drawing furniture in his notebooks. He went on to earn a master’s in architecture and design from the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark.

In 2000, Busk co-founded Busk+Hertzog with Stephan Hertzog. The Lisbon-based studio concentrates on product and furniture design, with a focus on bringing new ideas to the Danish design industry. “Denmark had been dominated by the old ‘big’ names. We want to design products of our age, for how people live, work, think and feel today, with an emphasis on thinking outside national borders and culture.”

The two are interested in the story behind each product. “Everything originates from something. We’ve designed a stacking chair starting from the backside, because that’s from where you see a stacking chair most of the time. And we’ve designed lounge chairs with a shape inspired by the architecture they’re going to be a part of.”

They’re also attracted to the why. “We start with an analysis of what the purpose of the new design is that has practical, commercial and aesthetic considerations.” Decorative elements, likewise, have a purpose. “We believe in having a clear and clean design language, where decorations are an outcome of functional considerations, and shapes on forms are not only pleasing to the eye but also integrated features of the product.”

Busk’s ingenious Twilight Sleeper Sofa won a furniture competition at Denmark’s Aarhus School of Architecture in 1999.

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