Plodes® Studio

U.S.A. (FOUNDED 2005)

John Paul Plauché and Roya Plauché launched Plodes Studio in 2005, having met while studying architecture at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design at the University of Houston. After Roya went on to study at Columbia University and John set out to explore product design ideas, they focused Plodes at the intersection of art, industrial design and architecture.

John, a native of Texas, and Roya, of Iran, draw on their diverse origins for inspiration. “For both of us,” Roya says, “the stories of our childhood and culture become a layer in our design ideology, playing a role in the background as we sketch new ideas. The architecture we grew up with, the products we encountered, family, education and the environments we have lived in all have affected the way we design together.”

Most of their products and furniture are designed in their Texas studio. “Our concepts,” John says, “sometimes present themselves from the most obscure inspirations or flash of thought. From there we curate, reinterpret and coax them out with rigorous process to distill them down to a balanced purity.”

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We’re here! Via live video and text.

We’re here! Via live video and text.

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