The living room is the “everything” room

“We’ve always been nomadic within our house, using spaces interchangeably. Rooms shift from conference room or research center to playground, theater, lab, art studio, test kitchen,” says Molly.

“We call our sofa ‘Cozy Island.’ It’s where we love to snuggle, do flips, make forts, make videos, and nap with Kit Kat, our cat. There’s no end to the adventures on Cozy Island.”

Saarinen Dining Table 60

The dining room as office and

“Our main dining table has become our desk, so we’re now using the breakfast room for most meals, as well as for school and art projects – it’s one more work-live-play hub.”

“The house is our shelter and our collaborator. It’s a hub of invention. For most of us now, home is our main interaction with the world.” — Molly Findlay

Pacha Lounge Chair
OE1 Table
Matera Bed High Headboard