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Lounge Chairs | Recliners

Eames® Lounge Chair and Ottoman | <font color=red>Quick Ship</font>
Eames® Lounge and Ottoman, Additional Options | <font color=red>Quick Ship</font>
$5,485.00 - $6,435.00USD
Eames® Tall Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Walnut/Vincenza
Flight Recliner in Leather
Flight Recliner, Pebble Weave
$2,500.00 - $2,900.00USD $1,890.00 - $2,900.00USD
Flight Recliner in Ultrasuede
Milo Baughman Recliner 74 in Leather
Milo Baughman Recliner 74, Ducale Wool
$2,500.00 - $2,900.00USD $1,820.00 - $2,900.00USD
Wing Chair, Rime Fabric
$1,550.00 - $6,080.00USD
U-Turn Swivel Chair, Pebble Weave
$2,550.00 - $2,650.00USD
U-Turn Swivel Chair in Kalahari Leather
Oculus Chair, Rime Fabric
$1,550.00 - $6,275.00USD
Egg™ Chair in Basel Fabric
Egg™ Footstool in Basel Fabric
Ro™ Lounge Chair
$1,075.00 - $3,747.00USD
Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Leather
Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman in Fabric
Crosshatch™ Chair
Jens Chair, Maharam Milestone, Walnut
$1,190.00 - $1,390.00USD
Risom Rocker, Maharam Milestone
$2,470.00 - $2,780.00USD $1,729.00 - $2,780.00USD
Risom Arm Lounge Chair
Risom Lounge Chair
Risom Side Chair
Risom Stool
Costura Armchair, Linen
$1,790.00 - $1,990.00USD
Womb Settee in Boucle Classic, Chrome Frame
$6,194.00 - $8,229.00USD
Womb™ Settee in Boucle Classic Fabric, Black Frame
$6,194.00 - $8,229.00USD
Bilsby Armchair, Pebble Weave
$3,300.00 - $3,575.00USD
Bilsby Armchair in Leather
$4,675.00 - $4,675.00USD $3,272.50 - $4,675.00USD
Como Armchair in Leather
LC3 Grand Modele Armchair, Down Cushions - Chrome Frame/Color Leather
LC4 Chaise Longue - Cowhide
LC2 Petit Modele Armchair – Chrome Frame/Color Leather
Easy Chair
Platner Armchair- Leather
Bantam Armchair in Leather
Eames® RAR, Chrome/Maple Base
$519.00 - $568.00USD
Eames® RFAR, Chrome/Maple Base
$649.00 - $698.00USD
Eames® Upholstered RFAR, Walnut
$909.00 - $938.00USD
Paulistano Armchair in Leather
Cuba Lounge Chair in Soaped Oak
$80.00 - $790.00USD
Swan™ Chair in Milani Fabric
LC1 Sling Chair, Cowhide
Shell Chair - Walnut - Leather (Thor)
Egg Chair - Tonus Fabric
$6,894.00 - $17,422.00USD
Wing Chair in Leather (Loke)
Shell Chair, Maharam Fabric
$2,972.00 - $4,389.00USD
Womb™ Chair in Boucle Classic Fabric, Chrome Frame
$1,068.00 - $5,297.00USD
Metropolitan Chair in Fabric
$1,693.00 - $3,895.00USD $1,185.10 - $2,726.50USD
Barcelona® Chair | <font color="red">Stocked Options</font>
Wassily® Chair
Metropolitan Chair in Leather
$2,115.00 - $5,513.00USD $1,480.50 - $3,859.10USD
Womb™ Chair in Classic Boucle Fabric, Black Frame
$1,068.00 - $5,297.00USD
Womb™ Chair in Volo Leather, Chrome Frame
$1,631.00 - $6,039.00USD
Eames® Upholstered Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCW)
$1,728.00 - $2,277.00USD
Eames® Upholstered Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCM), Chrome Base
$1,448.00 - $1,757.00USD
Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair, LCM
$719.00 - $1,018.00USD
Eames® Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (LCW)
Eames® La Chaise
Nelson™ Coconut Chair
Tuxedo Club Chair with Bronze Legs
Eames® Walnut Stool
Eames® Chair, Vicenza Leather, Polished Aluminum Legs
$1,849.00 - $2,559.00USD
Colonial Chair
$1,960.00 - $3,720.00USD
Nube Armchair in Leather
Safari Chair
$585.00 - $2,520.00USD
Ladderback Chair
MK99200 Folding Chair
Como Armchair, Pebble Weave
$4,200.00 - $4,500.00USD
Bevel Armchair in Leather
Bevel Armchair in Fabric
Bolster Armchair in Leather
Bolster Armchair in Fabric
Goodland Armchair, Basket Weave, Stainless Legs
$2,600.00 - $3,150.00USD
Goodland Armchair, Basket Weave, Walnut Legs
$2,400.00 - $3,000.00USD
Goodland Armchair in Leather, Bronze Legs
Goodland Armchair in Leather, Stainless Legs
$3,600.00 - $3,600.00USD $2,520.00 - $3,600.00USD
Goodland Armchair in Leather, Walnut Legs
Reid Armchair, Basket Weave
$2,450.00 - $2,990.00USD
Reid Swivel Armchair, Basket Weave
$2,580.00 - $3,200.00USD
Reid Swivel Armchair in Leather
Reid Armchair in Leather
$3,375.00 - $3,490.00USD
Bantam Armchair, Cotton Twill, Walnut Legs
$1,350.00 - $2,300.00USD $1,155.00 - $2,300.00USD
Theatre Armchair, Cotton Twill
$1,660.00 - $2,620.00USD
Raleigh Armchair, Ducale Wool
$2,950.00 - $3,680.00USD $2,226.00 - $3,680.00USD
Raleigh Armchair in Leather
Nube Armchair in Patterned Fabric
Swan™ Chair in Fame Fabric
$4,286.00 - $4,297.00USD
Swan™ Chair in Classic Leather
$8,018.00 - $9,386.00USD
Wassily® Chair in Canvas
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